About Us

Kristal Cutting Tools became a respectable firm in the market since it is established and stood as an indispensable helper of craftsmen with the superior tools.

Kristal Cutting Tools maintained its smoothly running entity since 1992 by following up all the fairs, news and innovations in the world. KRISTAL continues to manufacture its products at the 3rd biggest city of Turkey, Izmir, in 2 factories with a total 7000 m2 production area. Annually 1200 tons production capacity accomplished Kristal to be a leading brand in Turkey.

KRISTAL finds out creative solutions for the ceramic tiling market by manufacturing high quality products, increasing in variety of machines and innovating new tools for the last 25 years. With each passing day the dimensions of ceramic tiles are getting wider, thicker and harder. These changes in the market brings out the problems with itself. KRISTAL, proposes creative and practical solutions to craftsmen for all the problems they are facing during the installation of tiles.

KRISTAL ceramic tile cutters is the top selling brand in Turkey. Moreover, it is exported to several different countries in America, Europe and Middle East.

Everything you need is in KRISTAL to feel the power of innovation, to ease you work and to reach professional success at your job.



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